OPTRK hair thickening fibers are made of natural Keratin proteins Fibers the same protein that makes up human hair.

At OPTRk Hair Building Fibers, we understand that having a full hair is important to you. That's why we offer the best quality hair building fibers on the market. Our fibers are made from naturalkeratin proteins and are designed to provide you with natural-looking coverage and volume.

Long lasting results & looks 100% natural

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All day weather resistant

Holding all day resist all weather condition:

Why OPTRk? OPTRk hair thickening fibers looks 100% natural, 60% less than any other hair fibers left behind on pillow’s, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your mark anywhere you go,rainproof, so you don't have to worry about ruining your hairstyle when you go out in the rain, resist sweat and wind, doesn’t change to green on your scalp. Sleep friendly, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, OPTRK also covers 80% gray hair.

Very easy to use and remove by yourself

1. Use on dry hair, style your hair as usual.

2. Shake fibers over desired areas.

3. pat gently to set in place for a noticeably thicker look. 

4. Enjoy your day.

Optrk hair building fibers real results

Achieve fuller, thicker hair in an instant with OPTRk Hair Building Fibers! Our unique formula is made of all-natural keratin proteins that bind to your existing hair, making it look dramatically 20X thicker & fuller in just 30 seconds. Plus, our fibers are sweat and wind resistant so you can look your best all day long. Give yourself the confidence you deserve with OPTRk - and get ready to turn heads!!

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OPTRk is not like any other hair fibers


We made OPTRk to be one of the best hair thickening fibers in the market to deliver the best experience for our clients

We guarantee 100% Satisfaction, don’t like it and get all your money back in

( 30 days)

OPTRk is not tested on animals, OPTRk is 100% color safe and color match, and safe to use.

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